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Steven Ezra Profile

Steven Ezra is our big guy with a body that can do anything.  He can bend himself in half or drop into a split; he can press the girls up with one hand and keep smiling.  He’s got Mediterranean good looks, mad skills and the disposition of a puppy.  He often plays a tall dark stranger or the romantic lead.  Anyone can be tall and dark in shadow but Steven does it particularly well.  He has a serious background in Ballet but can do so much more. He has toured the world as a star of the dance company, Momix and we are lucky to have him working with us at Catapult.

  • When I was thirteen I used to sell baseball cards at a mall vendor across the way from a jewelry shop where my grandmother worked.

  • While promoting a show in Tokyo, Japan, we were dancing a piece outdoors when it began to rain!  We weren't performing on this trip just advertising and we did by falling all over the place on a wet floor.  It was quite a strange experience! 

  • I have two humiliating moments!  The first was my very first solo I performed when I was nine years old.  I forgot all the choreography, stared at the audience, then ran offstage.  The second, was when I was very seasoned.  I was performing a solo on a table in Parma, Italy in front of at least two thousand people.  I wanted to try a new trick but I didn't work well and I fell on my back.  It was most humiliating hearing over two thousand people go "Ohhhhhh..........".  I finished the piece with as much dignity I had and did a different trick from then on.  

  • The most dangerous performance job I did was for an industrial show.  The stage was small and raised four feet off the ground.  The piece I was performing required me to wear skis.  It was most unnerving when I had to jump up to the tips of my skis (which raised me at least another four feet) with an eight foot drop in front and beside me!

  •  The most terrifying moment in my life was when I learned that my father had passed away.  I was nineteen years old at the time.

  • I don't have one specific amazing moment, it's more a collection of amazing experiences when I look back on my life.  When I look back and I see I had accomplished exactly what I always wanted, which was to travel the world and dance, I feel amazed, and of course, becoming a contestant on America's Got Talent has definitely been amazing!

  •  I rotate physical activities between taking dance classes, going to the gym, and cycling.


  • I generally keep a balanced diet, too much of anything isn't good.  Definitely lots of fruits and veggies and cooking at home will help keep overeating to a minimal. 

  • My guilty pleasure is red wine with cheese and crackers.

  •  My favorite recipe is just a simple combination of a cooked meat (like fish or chicken - I try to stay away from red meats) with a grain (like rice or quinoa), and a vegetable (sautéed spinach, mashed sweet potato, asparagus, etc)  Though, one of my favorite cuisines is Italian!

  • There's no secret to staying thin!  Just eat a balanced diet, don't drink too much alcohol, don't eat too late in the night, and exercise regularly.  

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  1. I was yesterday en San Lorenzo de El escorial, and i will never forget YOUUUUUUUUU