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Sarah Nachbauer Profile

Sarah Nachbauer is smart, funny and moves like silk, my favorite kind of dancer. Her training includes plenty of Ballet and Modern dance along with some gymnastics. She has toured internationally with Momix dance company and can teach as well. She watches with a story-teller’s eye and when she speaks, she has something to say. She can play a girl-scout or Barbara Streisand with equal aplomb. She is a pro-active problem-solver who fixes things without protest and usually before I have a chance to open my mouth. What a dream to work with and legs…  let’s not forget she’s got great legs!

Strangest performing job you ever did

In college I was hired by a DJ to get people up and dancing at parties and weddings.  Most of the time it was fun but sometimes people just don’t want to dance.

Most humiliating performance job you ever did

I once danced in the frozen foods section of a super market for a fundraiser.  It was for a good cause so I did not mind.

Most dangerous performance job you ever did?

Once I was strapped in a harness dangling from 80 feet in the air.  I am not afraid of heights but my heart sure was beating fast.

Most terrifying moment in your life

While performing at a gala in Russia some fire works that were apart of the event went off too early and I had to be rushed off stage and led to safety by a technician.  If it weren’t for him I probably would have gotten hit and seriously injured.

Most amazing moment in your life?

It is hard to choose just one because I have gotten to do so much touring.  I can only hope that I have just as many amazing moment to experience in my future as I have had in my past.

Physical fitness routine

When I am not dancing I am a personal trainer, so that keeps me in good shape.  I am always up to do anything physical.


General Food Choices

I am mostly a of a fruits and veggies kind of girl.  I also like lean proteins and fish.  I have eaten plenty of steaks but never once in my entire life have I ordered a steak at a restaurant.  Maybe I should give that a try sometime.

Guilty Pleasures

SWEETS!  Love to make them, love to eat them.

Favorite or Specialty Recipe

I have been told I make a mean Turkey Pumpkin Chili.  I like it spicy so watch out taste buds!!!!!

Secrets For Staying Thin

Everything in moderation.

Special or unusual skills:

  • I pride myself on being able to spot a great sale from a mile away.
  • Primary Dance Training (Modern, Ballet, other)
  • Classical ballet and Modern.
  • Other unusual training (martial arts, gymnastic or other)
  • Gymnastics and massage therapy (Shhh, don’t tell my dancer friends)

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