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Katherine Fisher Profile

Katherine Helen Fisher is our platinum blonde, platinum frequent flyer, jet-setter, fashion forward, femme fatale. She seems to know everyone who is anyone in the dance and film world; she is a superb choreographer in her own right and made a beautiful dance film called Finite & Infinite Games.  She often works with the likes of Lucinda Childs and Phillip Glass.  She could easily have turned out to be a cold and intimidating diva with all her beauty and her chops but instead she is incredibly humble, has a goofy and somewhat irreverent sense of humor and we love her.   She uses her razor keen choreographic eye to help make our work clean and beautiful.

Most terrifying moment in your life

Being robbed at gunpoint as a child in Baltimore on the stoop of my house when I was five years old.  The robbers poked the gun out from underneath a newspaper and told me to hand over my mother's purse.  I had no idea what a gun was so I replied that I was watching the purse and that my mom would be upset if I were to lose it.  One of the robber snarled at me and I realized something bad was happening and ran inside in tears abandoning the purse which the police later found discarded at the playground down the street. 

Most amazing moment in your life

One of the most amazing moments in my life was taking a bow after the first evening of my choreography had been successfully presented.  I'm never happier than when I am working making art.

Physical fitness routine


Eat to live!

Favorite or Specialty recipe of yours

Steamed veggies and brown rice with lemon tahini sauce. 

Secrets for staying thin

Stop obsessing about food and weight.  Be healthy and drink wine!  Try not to eat plastic.

Primary Dance Training


Other unusual training

I love to fly from ropes.  I also love to roll around on the floor! 

Last Book You Read

Favorite Television Shows

Favorite Music

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