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Jon Eden Profile

Jonathan Eden is the funniest guy in the room and I’m not talking about the way he looks.  Not only is he the funniest guy in the room but one of the funniest people I've ever met. His dead pan delivery can leave an inattentive victim completely unaware of being zinged.  And just when you think you've sussed his style, he’ll throw himself into some hilarious improvised character and rollick around the room like Robin Williams only funnier. And he can dance better than Robin Williams too.  Robin Williams once grabbed me by the chest hair in an airport and dragged me around the luggage carousel. He was trying to illustrate his traumatic modern dance experience with Anna Sokolow.  Thanks, Robin, now we've both been traumatized.  But I digress. Another great thing about Jon is he’s not a smart aleck, he’s just plain smart.  I can’t wait for Catapult to do a comedy so I can feature Jon. I want all of you to have a chance to get to know the strange and wickedly funny brain floating inside Jon’s perfectly normal looking head.

Strangest performing job you ever did

I was once a carrot in a ballet about food.  I was not bad, but it is difficult to get into the character of a food.  I guess to be honest I would have preferred to be the radish, more personality don’t you think?

 Most humiliating performance job you ever did

Most of my humiliating performances come in the form of stress dreams before a big performance!  I usually dream of showing up to a show and not knowing the choreography.  In the dream, it does not turn out well!

Most dangerous performance job you ever did

Outside performances when there is a storm approaching is always interesting.

Most terrifying moment in your life

I once fell off of the top of a ladder on stage had first!  I had minimal body damage, so I was very lucky.

Most amazing moment in your life

I have been fortunate to have many!  It would be too difficult to choose just one.  Being able to do what you love everyday makes every moment amazing.

Physical fitness routine

When I am not on the road, I like to go to my local cross-fit gym.  It is an insane workout but it keeps me fit and ready to go!


General Food Choices  

 Omnivore for sure.

Guilty Pleasures    

Chocolate anything.

Favorite or Specialty recipe of yours    

Anything anyone wants to cook for me.

Secrets for staying thin

Diet and exercise.  It’s simple and works for me.

Special or unusual skills:

I wish I could do a backflip.

Primary Dance Training

Classical Ballet and Modern

Other unusual training

Golf.  I love golf.

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