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Facts About Catapult

  • The average length of a Catapult corporate presentation is 4 minutes.
  • The America's Got Talent time limit is 90 seconds.
  • Catapult made an anatomically accurate beating human heart for a gathering of the world’s cardiologists in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Once, a Catapult performance was cancelled due to volcanic eruption. Luckily the company got paid anyway!
  • Catapult plans to create a burlesque show using all the naughty jokes the dancers make behind the screen when they are not focusing on work.
  • Adam writes out the story of every shadow presentation with up to a dozen edits and often draws and paints storyboards too.
  • The cost of producing 90 seconds of shadow dance  is between 5 and 10 thousand dollars depending on number of dancers and number of rehearsal days.
  • Catapult Dancers are not working for free but have agreed to defer their salaries for one year in order to make the America's Got Talent productions possible.
  • Dancers each get one jar of Adam’s homemade hot pepper jelly every time they make a presentation for America's Got Talent - it's in their contract!
  • Catapult often rehearses and makes films in Torrington, CT because rehearsal space fitting the company’s needs is so hard to book in NYC.

Watch Catapult Entertainment Create A Human Heart

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